About me, this Blog, and everything else

A Blog about the happenings at NITK, freaky-visions and some tech fundae.

I’m an soon-to-be Electronics n Communication Engineer from NITK Surathkal,a fun-lovin, head-bangin, web-freak . A huge-fan of 70’s metal-gods like Black Sabbath, Led-Zep. Incredibly Lazy,Decently Brained. Humour forms a huge chunk of my daily schedule, be it pulling pranks , cutting wise-cracks or the “occasional” pun.

This blog. Well. For starters, I have lots of time. And WordPress offers free space for any arbit/random rants/rambles or raving [ these words were part of the earlier blogosphere, circa 2004, and should under no circumstances be used any more, lest you be considered a neanderthal retard].

More philosophically, morally, and technically speaking, I have issues. Well, not with me. No No.. I want to speak about issues, topics of a wide variety. So this is not a fixed-genre blog as such.

Feel free to disagree with me on any issue posted here. If you’re polite and sane enough, I’ll respond… Thank you.



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  1. Hurt my eye the first time i came here, i could barely read a few lines indeed they were good enough for a second read.

    /me bookmarks..clickety click

  2. Hurt your eye? I could think of only two possible reasons.

    1. The writing is intolerable, and sad, and totally dumb at times. [ most probable ]

    2. My writing is so touching…[ I hope ]

    Glad you deem it worthy of a second read. Hope to get a clearer insight soon.

  3. couldnt find your contact..so leaving a comment..
    I am Prashanth from NITK, Surathkal doing my final year.

    During holidays, I coded a small feed aggregator to collect feeds of fellow NITKian’s Blog- nitkfeed.arbitblog.com

    Thought this will be a nice way of keeping in touch with each others… more about the project can be found here – http://www.arbitblog.com/nitk-feed/

    If you blog, please add your blog to the list – http://nitkfeed.arbitblog.com/add.php and let others know of your blog

    If you know any NITKian who blogs, please consider forwarding this message, and even better forward this to google groups to let them know such a thing exist.

    Bookmark NITK Feed, so that you don’t forget. Keep visiting

    -Prashanth (Pachi)

  4. M simply impressed by wat u put on as a wordy,flashy,researched show on this blog page ..!!

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