Honey, I shrunk the Url…

July 26, 2009 at 10:30 pm | Posted in arbit, criticism, humour, twitter | 6 Comments
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For numerous reasons, I don’t like bit.ly so much. Some of them being –

  • They don’t have a middle layer which acts as a NSFW [ stands for Get Kicked Out of Office if you open This here] warning. There’s the append ‘+’ at the end of the link hack. But seriously, who does that usually? You barely have enough time to click on links these days, save reading their contents as well.
  • They’ve a “This page has been reported to serve malware in generous doses” middle layer, but since it’s Mr.Twitter who’s one of their major link sources, this has to be more ‘realtime’. Depends on what realtime means, yes. But everyone’s using that word nowadays, so what the heck.
  • They’ve a twitter monopoly. You’ve got to hate the leader. It’s a rule.

So, Should I plan to start my own Url Shortening service, it wouldn’t have all these issues. And just to humor myself,  I shall call it id.ly

And since there’s no Country Top-Level domain with .da, I’ll have no competitors like va.da . Humour monopoly, FTW…


Is there a Mai Ka Laal, who can gift Mr. Veerappa with a moi.ly domain… He’d be the cool-kid on the block, instead of the peddler-like grumpy face that he flaunts usually.

You know, as genuinely awesome as the chap to the right, who’s currently booked under the Limca records, for the fastest fast in India. [ No, I’m kidding. Maybe]


Obligatory Show-off Post-script section :

Whate pity. Honourable Son of the Soil can’t get the prized gow.da. He’ll have to settle for de.ve , I guess.



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  1. LOL Good one

  2. Its painful to not know which site im going to when I hover mouse pointer over them… I find it very impersonal, as though some one is luring you to a trap kind of shuddery feeling!

  3. @Pramod – Thanksu
    @Tuna – True. Behind the door lurks a monster. Scary.
    The impersonal bit could be avoided by putting sufficient info in the tweet, but for that 140 limit.

    There are firefox addons/ Greasemonkey scripts that automatically expand any bit.ly / tinyurl links on the page that you’re on. [ Including twitter ] , so you’ll never see the bit.ly links [ assuming your net connection is quick enough ]

  4. how about do.sa?
    or the indian mint’s website being indian.co.in

    • I think a more apt domain for that would be po.lo
      the mint with the hole

  5. I look forward to using your short URL service! lol

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