What if ?

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  • What if Maria , in The Sound of Music had broken into song, like:-

Floyd, Grass and Vodka,
Soft -Po*n and Kafka ,
Violence, and Hitler’s Swastika,
These are some of my favorite things.

[Hum it to this-> tune]

  • What if words like Kappaax, Slogyard, Wastage, Flunkyard were added to the Oxford Dictionary:-

George Bush to Tony Blair:-Waazup!, See Maga, We bambooed that Wastage Saddam, Chill Macchi.I told you , I’d Jug something. Kappaax me, you ARbIt-ch !

  • What if I get AIR -1 ,

naaaaaaaa, too far-fetched. 2 is ok.



I came, I wrote , I went back

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GATE, an entrance exam to get into Post graduate streams in Indian colleges , happened to take place in NITK, and I happened to write it.
I woke up , at 7.00 a.m sharp [after a long time] , full with vigour and enthu [ one of my nick-names], what with a don’t-care-whatever-happens kind of attitude. When your aspirations are already set to mediocrity, anything better than that is a bonus.
We went to Mysore mess[some more on this mess, in another post] for breakfast. With Masala dosa in the stomach and emptiness in the skulls, our dumb-minds started making cocky jokes; About GATE , what else?
Joke:1- Ee varsha Capuu, Next varsha Recapuu. [ You may Laugh now]

Joke:2 – Rajkumar- If you come today- GATE Ishtyle:-

If u write this year; bamboooo
If you write next year; bambooo
You pick the time,
Aah, Pick Pick, Pick Pick, Pick Pick
Pick Pick, Pick Pick, Pick Pick.

The main building was bustling with activity, what with 300 odd fellow- wastages, attempting the same exam, and the awesome Aradhana-07 second day just started, with innocent minds yet to see the horrors of engineering etc, coming to participate in a series of Fun-Lit events.
I got a window seat [as if that helps] , and sat contemplating about my future strategies,my old MCQ tricks and the usual morale boosting cheer-up.
The paper was easier than I had expected [hope this shows in my ranks] , I managed to get a few toughies also. It was 12.30 before I knew it. Alas , Time had played its part.
So I gave my paper,came out, ate, attended a intense, photography-workshop by AstroMohan. A beautiful flute concert some time later.
Overall , Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.


2. Am I leading my life to Become Blog-Worthy?

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Everyday activities seen with perception, seen in a new light, leads to creative and beautiful passages, and definitely a good read. People like me , leading the kind of life which has very less to offer, nothing too exciting , nothing too exceptional, are perhaps, seeing solace in little things ,the “Choti Si baat” ( for the non-Angrezi ), and perhaps even turning them into splendid events , thus trying to get a feel of something that we never get to experience usually.

Purple flossy brushes oozing with toothpaste, messes with their colourful radio-active sambars, FM’ singers with super-nasal powers are an example of that.
No offence to the respective writers. You rock! I just want to illustrate a general opinion that I share with myself.

The blogs that I come across usually exhibit this point, all are human afterall.

Unless of-course it’s some lame-ass blog like this one. I hate you Abhishek, I really do.


1 . Am I leading a Blog-Worthy Life?

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When I see Lit-Gods around me , flaunting their skills and grey-cells , with their audacious blogs, describing their experiences like Brushing, Eating in our God-Damn Messes,Getting High, Travelling in Bangalore et cetera, with utmost gusto, reliving each and every moment of it in the most relishing, or cynical manner possible ;
I think to myself,

Am I leading a Blog-Worthy Life?

I mean, I know these guys are good. But are these small mundane moments ( ok, travelling is an exception), good enough to be web-logged?

Lack of Imagination , Perception and Grass , seem to hamper my writing abilities ( not that I’m too keen anyway).

This has been part-I of this post. Now for a different outlook.


Ramblings of a Linux User

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Some of the thoughts when using Ubuntu for a Day, for the first time………

To quote, my dear friend, Abhishek Upadhya,

“My name is Abhishek Upadhya. I have used other distros before..And This is my first exclusive trial of Ubuntu. and it is good.. Infact it is so good that I haven’t missed windows till now.
Infact it’s so good that I’d rather lose windows and miss it forever. Alas, a pity. Bill has lost his chief banta.. “

Also, he writes, in an unrelated, review……….

“People say vi is bad, some even say it’s eVIl, ( a foolish wordplay of sorts.). Let me fight back. it is fast,and has all the features that a good text editor must have. True it doesn’t have some gay snake games, and a homo psychiatrist program that can be found in a editor written by the great stall-man.. but, seriously who cares!!!, Nothing against StallMan, He’s the GURU, the leader, the GNU prophet,, but the man has his share of eccentricities, difficult to comprehend sometimes”.

P.S:- I do not share Abhishek’s views entirely. The Nostalgia, and the familiarity of Bill-Gates’s world is tough to come out of.


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