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But surely you must worship The Holy Rat. Where would we be without him?

The other gods, – The Worm, the Bat, and the Anteater, I can pardon you for ignoring them all these days.

They are, how do I put this, low-maintenance Gods. Gods that don’t demand your attention on one designated day of the week, or some sort of ritualistic aerobics.

I wouldn’t dare cross the Rat though. No Sir, most definitely not.

The Rat belonged to one ancient family of Gods. Legends say that, (unlike other sundry Gods with their 9-to-5 peaceful Godly businesses in such a manner as Time applies in Godly contexts),  He had severe emotional and anger issues.
Back when that world was full of Gods, and everyone had some function to dictate in the universe, The Rat was a Vagabond.
Powerful, Angry and Arrogant. But Jobless.
He fought with others . He made up, and then He fought again.

He decided that He needed a change. His recklessness and their stupidity, His anger and their fake professional smiles – there was a subtle mismatch. He needed to be away for a while, think things through, become a better God.

He decided to live a Hermitic life.

Carving out a 7x7x7 chunk of the universe for himself was the start – 7 dimensions, 7 galaxies, and 7 jinkotes* wide.

Is wide a correct term here?

Sorry, These multidimensional things make me woozy.

Nice, cosy place to live in and start afresh – He thought. There were no borders to this mini-universe. Everyone was welcome inside, and could leave as they please. No conditions apply. Ok, maybe just one. Just don’t fail to be awesome while you were in there.

But who am I?

Well, I suppose that’s always been THE question isn’t it? One of them at least.  We – You & I – are quite different.

I am God.

I am The Rat.


*1 Jinkote = 3 Tiblinxes, an ancient confused system of measurement that ends up being recursive after 5 stages, but everyone knows what and how much they mean. You should have figured it out by now. If not, refer to the asterisk sign.


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