The smalltalk we could do without

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So here’s how you have a thoroughly useless conversation in french.
Something that we’re all well versed to, in English.
• Marie: Salut Jean. Ça va ?    [ Hi, Jean. How are you? ]
• Jean: Ça va bien, merci. Et toi, ça va ?  [ I’m fine. And you, are you fine?]
• Marie: Pas mal. [ Not bad] – snootiness starts. Not bad is as useful as hmm in a conversation >
• Jean: Quoi de neuf ?  [What’s up?]

< Ah. what’s up. pages and pages could be written on whats up. The only thing ever to come out of whatsup is the inspiration for that texting app.

The only correct response to whatsup is whatsup. anything else, and you seem over-committed to a conversation that involves a person who uses whatsup. Ah, the grouchiness of Social Life. >
• Marie: Pas grand-chose.   [ Nothing Much]   < ever so annoying. Yes, you’re trying to shield your hollow shell of a life and we need to probe further to get your attention. But if you wish to converse, speak properly. >
• Marie: Au revoir Jean. [ Bye, Jean ]       <Bye, Let’s do this fun thing tomorrow as well>
• Jean: Au revoir, à demain. [ Bye, See you tomorrow]     <See you tomorrow, I can’t wait>


Anyway, the whole point of this post is EHHHH, SEXYYYYYY LADYYYYYYY

Oh wait, not that.

The point of this post was to, if possible, remember these few lines – AND Delete it from your mind.

never ever use them in a conversation. As an advanced species, we can do better.

And quite obviously, I am learning french, and need to show off at every possible occasion.



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