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February 11, 2007 at 5:21 pm | Posted in arbit, nitk | 1 Comment

GATE, an entrance exam to get into Post graduate streams in Indian colleges , happened to take place in NITK, and I happened to write it.
I woke up , at 7.00 a.m sharp [after a long time] , full with vigour and enthu [ one of my nick-names], what with a don’t-care-whatever-happens kind of attitude. When your aspirations are already set to mediocrity, anything better than that is a bonus.
We went to Mysore mess[some more on this mess, in another post] for breakfast. With Masala dosa in the stomach and emptiness in the skulls, our dumb-minds started making cocky jokes; About GATE , what else?
Joke:1- Ee varsha Capuu, Next varsha Recapuu. [ You may Laugh now]

Joke:2 – Rajkumar- If you come today- GATE Ishtyle:-

If u write this year; bamboooo
If you write next year; bambooo
You pick the time,
Aah, Pick Pick, Pick Pick, Pick Pick
Pick Pick, Pick Pick, Pick Pick.

The main building was bustling with activity, what with 300 odd fellow- wastages, attempting the same exam, and the awesome Aradhana-07 second day just started, with innocent minds yet to see the horrors of engineering etc, coming to participate in a series of Fun-Lit events.
I got a window seat [as if that helps] , and sat contemplating about my future strategies,my old MCQ tricks and the usual morale boosting cheer-up.
The paper was easier than I had expected [hope this shows in my ranks] , I managed to get a few toughies also. It was 12.30 before I knew it. Alas , Time had played its part.
So I gave my paper,came out, ate, attended a intense, photography-workshop by AstroMohan. A beautiful flute concert some time later.
Overall , Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.



2. Am I leading my life to Become Blog-Worthy?

February 7, 2007 at 9:43 am | Posted in arbit, literary, nitk, Visions | Leave a comment

Everyday activities seen with perception, seen in a new light, leads to creative and beautiful passages, and definitely a good read. People like me , leading the kind of life which has very less to offer, nothing too exciting , nothing too exceptional, are perhaps, seeing solace in little things ,the “Choti Si baat” ( for the non-Angrezi ), and perhaps even turning them into splendid events , thus trying to get a feel of something that we never get to experience usually.

Purple flossy brushes oozing with toothpaste, messes with their colourful radio-active sambars, FM’ singers with super-nasal powers are an example of that.
No offence to the respective writers. You rock! I just want to illustrate a general opinion that I share with myself.

The blogs that I come across usually exhibit this point, all are human afterall.

Unless of-course it’s some lame-ass blog like this one. I hate you Abhishek, I really do.


1 . Am I leading a Blog-Worthy Life?

February 7, 2007 at 9:19 am | Posted in arbit, criticism, nitk, Visions | Leave a comment

When I see Lit-Gods around me , flaunting their skills and grey-cells , with their audacious blogs, describing their experiences like Brushing, Eating in our God-Damn Messes,Getting High, Travelling in Bangalore et cetera, with utmost gusto, reliving each and every moment of it in the most relishing, or cynical manner possible ;
I think to myself,

Am I leading a Blog-Worthy Life?

I mean, I know these guys are good. But are these small mundane moments ( ok, travelling is an exception), good enough to be web-logged?

Lack of Imagination , Perception and Grass , seem to hamper my writing abilities ( not that I’m too keen anyway).

This has been part-I of this post. Now for a different outlook.


Chappar wing Photos. first in the series.

January 14, 2007 at 9:32 am | Posted in arbit, chappar, nitk | 1 Comment

These are some pics from the illustrious chappar wing from 7th block. Amod asked me for a web collection/display for public appreciation. :-), So here goes,

1.This one is titled, Tronix super-heroes- Maggu Man and Nerd Boy, ( Though the exact order is yet to be decided). It captures the tronixites in their pre-exam frenzy( apart from other things of-course).

For the record, the names of the jumping-jacks have been changed for conditions of anonymity.
They are Sagar( To the left) and Vinayak( to the right)… Brilliant right!

Some more are to be published in this series of chappar-wing photos. Visit regularly.


Jump on to the Arbit Wagon!

December 15, 2006 at 5:53 pm | Posted in arbit, news wagon, nitk | 1 Comment

These guys are looked upon as some kind of lit gods in our college. I mean, do they really deserve that much attention.For one – what they publish is not NEWS!. It is just a cynical view of something that has happened around 1 month back.For once , can they have a serious outlook about something!.
Case in point:- Investigative journalism done by “The Harvard Crimson” in the issue of Kavya Vishwanathan.We know the events that followed.
Can these guys do something like that? A long way to go, I think.The “standards” that they have set upon themselves is really low and the unfortunate point is the junta seems to like it( There’s no choice anyway ). It’ll be a difficult task to “uplift” the minds. But heck, the problem is no one is giving a try.
I remember asking Subbu ( Ubbus! , whatever) in the first year (First year enthu), about the nature of the college “newspaper”, he refused to comment !.

P.S.:- I have ” ” many times. Sorry for that.
This article is inspired by a blogpost from Hasan about the same issue. I got the courage/stir to write this from his article.Thanks a Million!


A little description

December 3, 2006 at 7:49 am | Posted in arbit, nitk | 2 Comments

Water coming in 7th block …… priceless

Getting bambooed in every exam …. priceless

my comp ( Tony) is still working …… priceless

Half-Maggi ….. Rs.6

There are somethings money can buy,, for everything else come to NITK.


Me first post!

December 2, 2006 at 8:18 am | Posted in arbit, introduction, nitk | Leave a comment

Friends, NITKians , Country Men. Lend me your ears.

About this Blog.

One more arbit blog added to the vast dump? One more reason for you to not visit the net?


Tech mainly discusses new developments in technology,mainly the internet.

NITK arBits is about the insane, mundane and pretty much usual stuff that goes on in our college, NITK Surathkal.

Who:- I’m Abhishek Upadhya, a honest , modest undergraduate student at the above mentioned college.

When:- Not all questions are answered.


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