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I’m a particularly strange person. I don’t like vacations. They seem to drag.
Especially the post-college-no social contact ones.
Makes me feel like a social retard. [ Nice post, dude].
Without much nonsensing, here’s some peculiarly interesting/irritating incidents that happened over the past few weeks.

I arrive back from college. Mom’s lambasting me on my apparently obvious weight-loss. Unlike some hoggers, I lost nearly 5-6 kg’s while at college.
Most relatives think that its due to my burning of the mid-night oil-esque studying.
I don’t like to disturb pretty thoughts.

She proclaims with full gusto. “ Before, you leave for Bangalore, I’ll make sure you gain at least 8-10 kgs.” Its gone off to a point where I actually said,
“ Amma, I’m bored. Eat, Eat, Eat… Give me a break ”.
So, Ladies, the next time you see me, in addition to the awesomely dashing, supremely bright looks, I might also be slightly chubbier. Be prepared, lest you be swept off your feet.

Needless to say, gone are the days when Parle-G used to be my

Whole family went on major temple touring. Dharmasthala, Kukke Subrahmanya, Aane Gudde[Near Kundapur], Kota Amritheshwari…. yada yada. I hope that this fulfils my religious affiliations for this year.

Non-faith reasons aside, these visits were still pesky. Getting up at 4 in the morning, AND taking a bath, both on the same day, is quite an ask.

On the Aane Gudde- day, I had only one T-shirt left to wear, and by an act of cosmic co-incidence, it happened to be one with the awesome Black-Sabbath band pic on it. Was laughing to myself at the apparent irony. Mom asked why.Told her about the whole satanic/atheistic stuff about Black Sabbath.
She laughed at my stupidity.
Now, That’s a Wardrobe Malfunction, I feel.

Last year. December to be precise, I went to Strands Book Exhibition in Bangalore. Nice place, books at decent prices. One of the many books that I purchased that day was “The Devil’s Alternative”- by Frederick Forsyth. I finished it last week. Ace book. They even called it unputdownable. But that’s how I read. Shame…

Boarded a bus from the M.G.M stop[ My P.U college, I miss it very much too,
but too much senti is not good, so I skip intro]. The conductor saw me and gave me a C.
That’s a half-ticket in Udupi/Mangalore lingo. There used to be a time, when
my friends and me were immensely pleased at this 1-2 Rs. savings.
But C’mon. At 21? You got to be kidding me. Probably I need to look a bit more refined/mature.
I think I should sport a beard. Maybe I will.

One major improvement over the past vacations, is that I finally am getting to surf through Broadband this time. Dial-Up’s a pain in the Bottom if you ask me. [ Did you spot the pun. Ya right there, that’s it. Read on].

Here, I’d like to mention the extremely suave, gracious BSNL folks who came over to my house, installed the ADSL modem+router, and made sure that the connection’s up n running. Granted, its their job. But, it is nice to see govt. officials who are courteous.
It restores my faith in the system.

Now, I surf at nearly 200+ kbps. And as Dha says, I can now download anything that “tickles my fancy”.

Oh ya. I take only the legally downloadable movies, music, sitcoms, software.
After paying for it, of course.

Ah. My board. With Sarcasm written in large letters. Where’s it?.. Better hold it up high.

A Linux guru from Bengaluru, Atul Chitnis does more justice to BSNL’s efforts.
It is also a stepwise guide to the whole deal of getting a dataone connection.
He’s written it better, hence I won’t dare repeat it here.
Read Maadi. His first opinion on this was cynical, and then he changes his mind in this entry after getting the connection. Likewise in my case.

To Atul : I installed it myself on Linux. You took their help. Ha ha…


Atul says: kill -9 ‘pidof logik’



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  1. lol. I cant imagine you fat.

    Temples? Oh! man. I can understand the pain :D. It is something only atheist and non-theist(like me) can understand.

    You wont get a C when you are fat.

    Regarding bsnl: Yeah, it is the dsl router+modem part. Otherwise, to get it running is a *real* pain. Ask people using sify.

    It is also particularly problematic if you intend to use the USB part of the DSL modem. It was once commented harshly “mfrs use linux on the router and fail to give USB drivers”. It was targeted at Beetel though.

    Try it out yourself. telnet Login and type sh.

  2. Would have tried it out. But brilliant suggestions by you have previously lead to unneeded comp problems. Too many examples to quote.

    Dude, “Fat Shappa” is redundant…

  3. First of all, I believe there is a reference to ME-THE-GREAT missing where you mentioned about the book that you finally finished and which so happened -THAT I HAPPENED TO HAVE SUGGESTED!!!
    How conveniently you can forget stuff!

    And man why dont you just get straight to the point and just tell everyone that you got a C simply for your height!

    And if your mom is anxious about you looking fatter, I am ready to trade some of my fat from my steady pot…Anyday anytime! OR we can just get drunk a lot of times!

  4. @N.R: Liposuction.. no way. And ugly repulsive gross fat at that. Not even if you pay me…
    Regarding drunk. that won’t get me fat. Stupid may be…

    And I think ur name was best left unmentioned. No one would come to you for book recos otherwise.

    Height, ‘could’ be the reason, but still a nice elegant beard would limit my C chances…

  5. Did you just say ELEGANT BEARD??
    Funny how I don’t recall anything even remotely connected to a shaving cream and razor in your room!
    Or were you secretly using Royan’s stash????? 😉

  6. Shaving Cream, Razors, Undies etc were secretly kept inside my cupboard. Because unlike certain people, I don’t believe in sharing them..

    Dude, Royan used a lawnmover for shaving….

  7. half ticket…. been there done that. not at age 21, though, thankfully.

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