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So this is it. The bluesy feeling finally came. Initially, in small doses. But eventually, as time passed, and we came closer to the end [ if you could call it so], the senti-jolts were obvious and caused intense discomfort.

4 years seem to have swished by in a jiffy.

The realization of that, however, came a bit too late[ which was good, btw]. It probably started as soon as Inci got over. Random flashes- scenes from the past years, events of importance, the funner things in life that I experienced here
– appeared at times. And me got all pensive, which is, you can safely say, not normal; considering my nature.
A CnH strip, that probably describes my situation. With due apologies to Watterson.

[Pls right click and open the image in a new tab, will ya.]

The last few days were unbearable. Every task that you did in college had some kinda tag associated with it. Last time this, First time that etc. Add to that a whole bunch of drippy farewell ceremonies. The senti-meter kept showing intense readings as the days passed.

Senti graph
[Pls right click and open the image in a new tab.]

Each of these peaks had some significance associated with it.

For instance, on 21st was the impulse outburst after the exams, the moment that I realized that I am an Engineer…

On 27th, after certain touchy fare-thee-wells, Chindu, Shishir, KK, and me set about strolling in the campus. We went to SAC. I delighted them with impromptu renditions of “If you come Today”, and “Another Brick in the hall”, with a booming voice atop the stage, and was well-received.
[ Three is a crowd, remember?].
Sat there contemplating, and discussing. What went right, what went wrong, memories etc. The discussion eventually became about IPL. So zip it…

On 28th, bored after packing, and late in the night, 2-ish, I set about doing a Noorie-like walk, taking a route from the 8th block, to Main Building, S.S, G.B and Coffee Dabba[was closed], SAC, S.J.A, and back. Trying to remember moments.

The remaining peaky spots on the graph involve reasons unbeknown to many. And probably realized by a certain close-knit set of friends. They know. I know. That’s pretty sufficient.

I’m saddened to leave the place that nurtured my academic curiosities, the place where I met a wide assortment of interesting people. Passers-by like me, driven by zeal to make the most of their stay, to find a purpose to their erstwhile directionless lives, and most importantly, the folks who were here just to have a jolly good time.

All of you made this place special. Memorable. Stand up, and take a bow….

To good friends, arch-enemies, SPICMACAYites, fellow tronixians, Bloggers, Tronix-Bloggers, room-mates, wing-mates, ENGI-INCI junta, all those people of the 7 batches , that I’ve had a chance to interact with, and uttermost importantly,
Our esteemed faculty.
I’ll miss you.

So, hoping that, “With the world being a small place”, “Keep in touch”, “ Ping me” and all other clichés turn out to be true in this case.

And as Watterson rightly said,

It’s a Magical World out there, Hobbes.

Lets go exploring…


My room. 8th Block, 2, has the above lines etched as a means of frustu-graffiti. The kind soul who occupies it next is requested not to erase it, and other brags that I might have written there.
Final visit to Sunder’s was pretty senti too. The last full-maggi with half-fry there, and a hug later.

Other tata-bye-bye posts can be found at [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6],[7]
From Ol’ friends and new…

Quantification of sentimental feelings on a graph. Bad. Abhishek. Bad.

This post should have been written about a month ago. But, I’d so many things on my mind then and writing a post was not one of them.

MSpaint rwocks…

Right now I’m feeling bored…. Totally BORED.



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  1. Ah! The Senti post finally makes its appearance…
    I thought I was going to be late in putting up my Senti post(Oh BTW, I still am..)but you my friend define the perfect euphemism of a TUBELIGHT!
    So I see that my departure on the 23rd is reflected as quite a dip in ur senti graph….Interesting…
    And so what was the event that triggered the lowest senti rating??? Last tasting session or anything???
    And in mentioning all the significant things that you did in those 4 years, you conveniently missed out on all your inebriated experiences including the one in which ….you know….something happened next door….How can you forget such important stuff man???

  2. well, about 23rd. Was a whole bunch of people. You figure there. ya.

    inebriated sessions are not senti man… that was stupid bliss…

  3. Senti. sob-sob.

    @akshay: The incident next-door is a real senti experience for the person next-door. May be logik screened it to increase the senti-quotient and decrease the fun-quotient in the post.

  4. @evil- Senti for adi ya… But this was supposed to be a encapsulated feeling of 4 years. Not some odd, stray incident….

    Fun-quotient. ha ha

  5. Odd? Definitely! But STRAY???? Absolutely not!

  6. Stray w.r.t this post… Anyways, a certain close friend, has given enough online publicity for it as it is.. Ah.genuine friendship,i’m lucky… No prizes for guessing the fat rascal’s name…

  7. Fat??? No Way!
    He is just pot bellied thats all!

  8. Ya. Big-Boned too…
    On an unrelated note, but hope you catch the drift.
    Did you know that there’s a Youtube user named

  9. […] not sure if I would have ever made the effort to write about it…. So in continuation of the Senti posts, I believe this is just as far as I would go to becoming Senti about my 4 years at […]

  10. Oh sorry I am not in touch with YOUTUBE…
    In case you forgot, it was banned at College under the category ” Media Streaming”.
    So plz enlighten me…

  11. Nah. that name just kinda suited you. Mostly Royan of course. but you too..

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