Rakhi, A beautiful concept, and an idiot’s first name

August 27, 2007 at 6:53 pm | Posted in arbit, literary | Leave a comment

One of the most apt Indian festivals, is the Raksha Bandhan. Affection, Respect, Responsibility all rolled into one.
Due to “a series of unfortunate incidents”, I was miserably broke last week. With barely enough money just to go back home, I didn’t have the capability or courtesy to get the usual gifts , which would be Mr.Cadbury’s and a Gandhi-100+ .
So after the ceremonial proceedings, I chose to give my sis a token amount of Rs.10, with assurances of goodies later.[ I don’t ask money from my parents for this, in case u were wondering,senseless ethics at arbit times is one of my key virtues]
Guess what my sis tells me… ” atleast give me something more than the price of the rakhi”…
Oh the pretty angel has learnt economics now…. How enchanting…..I’m stunned…A wisecrack , utterly humiliating though it was… still made me realise that how pathetic I was…
Boasting of a 4.5 Lakhs p.a job, getting good money for my internship, n not a penny in hand…I blame nothing but my rotten luck…..
Oh , frowning fortune, You cursed fickle dame…….

P.S:- Rakhi Sawant= Patheticus Maximus……..



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