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March 15, 2007 at 5:29 pm | Posted in arbit, literary, Visions | 1 Comment

I just came back from the class…at around 11.00 … and, jobless as usual, put Tony [ my comp] to life…Thought to myself, ‘will try something unusual today’
Created a playlist of the finest of ragas played by the maestro
Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia…..
Raga Samanta saranga, Malkhaus, Hansdhwani etc…
Was feeling a bit dopey[ sleepy] ..Put on the playlist…. and went off to sleep…

With the notes from beautiful Bansuri, in the room…
a piece of holed Bamboo creating ethereal music….
and me sleeping….. Man, that was a awesome combo..

It wasn’t sleep to be precise…. I was half-awake…..
I wasn’t awake to be exact……I was sleeping….

Some People might call it a trance kinda state….. I’d like to agree…
My dreams were so descriptive.. surreal …yet making sense.
I was writing poetry… and I could feel that this is a dream, all the while, constantly reminding myself to jot down the verses as soon as I wake up…
I don’t remember the lines now, but on that day, I do remember that they looked good. Some arbit faces, some familiar ones, randomly appearing ,random scenes somehow connected like how a stage2 question finally reveals itself.

Try this sometime…The artist and genre are ur picks…Just don’t pick something really loud..that’s pointless.

Disclaimer: This is a random experiment conducted by an arbit professional. Please try this at Home.
And ya, it doesn’t work the other way round…as in if sleep is what ur looking for, don’t switch to classical….It’s too captivating to let you sleep..
If a cure for Insomnia is what ur looking for, there’s always Himesh Reshammiya,Anu Malik,and others.. [might have side effects though]



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  1. i have my own way of doing something like that.I eat stomach full on a sunday afternoon at 1 oclock,
    and listen to Raaga Multaani while reclining on my bed.It also gives a similar feeling of a high and it lulls you into beautiful sleep.

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